6 Bathroom Trends Of 2023 That You Should Know About

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6 Bathroom Trends Of 2023 That You Should Know About

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Planning to renovate your bathroom this year and looking for bathware item for sale ? Then there are some trends in luxury basin design in Melbourne and other bathroom design trends that you should know about.


Natural stone


The use of natural stone in bathrooms is on the rise in Australian homes. You can blame the pandemic for that because when people stayed at home for long, they wanted a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and unique space. Natural stones like marble fit all these criteria. Hence if you are building a primary bathroom or a powder room, go for natural stones, especially those with veins, to present your unique individual style. 


Earthy colours


Whitewashed bathrooms are out, and bathrooms with earthy colours are in. So, when selecting a colour palette for your bathroom, choose colours like caramel, terracotta, chocolate brown, and others. If you like lighter colours, sand and creamy off-white are also in. You can keep your bathroom accessories like a bathtub in white and have the bathroom tiles and floors in the colours mentioned above. This will bring a fantastic contrast to your bathroom, making it look brighter and more beautiful.


Retro design


Retro design is on the rise, so you can return to your nostalgic past by creating a retro look for your bathroom. You can select textured wall tiles like chevron, glass or linear to do so. They can be used above the vanity or in the shower cubicle. The main aim of the design is to make the wall tiles eye-catching and visually pleasing. 


Vertical tilling


If your bathroom space is small, then this trend of 2023 is tailored to meet your needs. Use tiles vertically, whether a KitKat tile or Subway tile and see how it makes your bathroom look more spacious. More and more renovators are using this trend to make even the most cramped bathroom look great.


Wall-mounted fixtures and tapware


This is another trend of 2023 that is suited for small bathrooms. Raising the toilet and the vanity can create an illusion of space. Wall mounting your fixtures and tapware will save space and make it easy to clean. 


Freestanding shower baths


This year is seeing a lot of experimentation regarding bathroom accessories. So, when you go for a bathware item for sale in Narre Warren, look for standalone items to help you create a relaxing space in your bathroom.

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