Tips On How To Clean Your Bathroom

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If cleaning your bathroom seems challenging and you need a clear idea of where to start, then you are at the right blog. Here are some quick tips for cleaning your bathroom. Get your cleaning kits from your nearest Bathroom supplies CheltenhamOkay, Let’s get started with the recommendations.

  1. Clean The Shower Heads 

Shower heads often get clogged due to minerals in hard water, especially in Indian metro cities. Put the shower head inside vinegar and leave it overnight. Clean it with toothpaste the next day.

  1. Clean The Sink And Faucets 

Cleaning the sink and faucets is easy with just two steps. First, remove excess hairs from the sink drain and wipe it with a dry cloth to remove dust. Then, scrub areas with stains or crusted toothpaste using baking soda, and rinse everything thoroughly with water. Clean faucets by wiping them with a cloth dipped in vinegar, similar to how you clean shower heads.

  1. Wipe Countertops and Cabinets

Clear your countertops and cabinets by putting away toiletries and unplugging hairstyling tools. Remove decorative items for faster cleaning. Use an all-purpose cleaner on countertops, spray it on paper towels and wipe down surfaces. Keep cabinets organised, wipe infrequently used shelves, and add silica gel packets to prevent mould and insects.

  1. Attend to the Floor and Ceiling

Keep a mop handy for bathroom floors. Clean grout lines between tiles with a water and vinegar solution or baking soda paste. Let it sit, then scrub or rinse with warm water. Remember to clean corners where dust and hair collect.

  1. Keep the Mirror and Curtains Clean 

Spray glass cleaner on the mirror and wipe with newspaper for a streak-free shine. Wash bathroom curtains in the washing machine, ensuring proper curtain rod hinge function to prevent accidents.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Toilet Bowl 

Allow 20 minutes for a good toilet cleaner to sit before scrubbing with a toilet brush. For difficult-to-reach areas, use an old toothbrush. Drop antacid tablets or cola into the bowl and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to make cleaning easier.

  1. Cleanse Your Bathtub

Fill the bathtub with hot water and add baking soda for tough stains. Alternatively, use a tub-and-tile cleaner. Scrub stains with a brush and drain the water once the bathtub is clean.

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