3 Reasons Why Having a Bidet in Your Toilet is a Must

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3 Reasons Why Having a Bidet in Your Toilet is a Must

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Most people think that bidet is something that is used only in Asian countries or Asian households. However, the origin of the bidet lies in Europe as it was invented in France, and there are documented accounts of how wonderful this invention was, going back to 1726! But most Western countries, including Australia, think that a bidet is a fancy bathroom gadget and not a necessity. So, here are some interesting facts about bidets that will make you go to your nearest toilet and bidet store in Narre Warren


Bidet is highly sanitary. That was and still is the primary purpose of a bidet. Since its creation in aristocratic France in the 1700s, the bidet has been how the rich and powerful cleaned their private area. Today, thanks to technological inventions, especially those from Japan, a bidet is the most efficient way to clean yourself after using the toilet. You can now choose the water pressure or use hot water to clean yourself properly, and the toilet seat covers. It is a proven fact that by using a bidet, bacterial contamination is lessened. So, be more hygienic in your home by installing a bidet.


If you are conscious about the planet and your carbon footprint, you know how much it costs the earth to create one roll of toilet paper. Not only that, but it can also become a scarcity during turbulent times, as was proven during the pandemic years. But with a bidet, you don’t have to stockpile boxes of toilet paper! And it is much easier on the environment as the modern bidets use much less water than the old ones. So, do your part in reducing your carbon footprint by switching to a bidet instead of rolls of toilet paper. And it will be easier on your pocket too. 


If you have an elderly or a handicapped person at home, a bidet is a must. With the new types of bidets that you can find in your local toilet and bidet store in Narre Warren, they can easily clean themselves. The best model for them is the one attached to the toilet seat, which a simple press of a button can operate. So, install a bidet in your home’s toilet to make life easy for your elderly parents or your family member with a disability. 


So, these are the three main reasons why bidet scores over toilet paper. Now that you know installing one in your home is time.

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