The Must-Have Accessories to Have in Your Bathroom This Year

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The Must-Have Accessories to Have in Your Bathroom This Year

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If you are building or renovating your bathroom this year, this blog is for you. Given below is a list of must-have bathroom accessories. Go through them before you head out to your local bathware store in Melbourne.

Black freestanding bath

The white bath has been a vital bathroom accessory in Australian homes for years and will do in the future. But if you want to be different from others and have a classy yet modern bathroom, go for a black freestanding bathtub. The trend is moving towards bathroom fixtures in black, so you can use your black tub for some years now and still feel that it is something new.

Rain showers

A bathroom is where many people relax after a hard day of work. It is a space that often gives you new insight into the problem plaguing you or finds a creative breakthrough. And what else is better than a shower that can increase the zen filling of the bathroom? Rain showerheads are in vogue now and will help you fulfil this zen-like feeling in the bathroom. A rain shower may not have as much pressure as a regular shower, but its design ensures that your whole body is drenched well when standing under it, just like real rain. Such shower heads are very suitable for doubles and open showers.

Smart toilets

This trend started in Japan, and now the whole world is adopting it. The reason for that is the wholesome functionality of a smart toilet. Adjusting the pressure of the bidet jet to warm up the seat, a smart toilet, makes going to the bathroom a step into the future. The toilets have both dry and wet features, which means they will dry you after cleaning you. Moreover, you can adjust the water’s temperature, making it good for Australian homes.


Natural lights in the bathroom are also an in-trend in Australian homes. But no one wants to gamble with their privacy by installing glass windows in a bathroom. The best option, in that case, is to go for skylights. They will give you the natural light you crave without compromising your privacy.

So, these are some of the latest bathroom accessories you can try finding in the following bathware items for sale in Narre Warren, even if you attend.

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