Sustainable Homes: Use These Four Items In Your Bathroom To Make It Eco-Friendly

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Sustainable Homes: Use These Four Items In Your Bathroom To Make It Eco-Friendly

Bathware Items Stores in Melbourne

Living sustainably is something many of us are aiming for. This is why there is an excellent demand for eco-friendly items in bathware item stores in Melbourne. When looking for eco-friendly items, don’t just look at the product itself; also look at the packaging, whether it is reusable or not and how they source their products. You will also need to make changes in your lifestyle to make your life truly eco-friendly. Now, look at some items and products you can use to fulfil this aim.


Using glass bottles


Plastics are the biggest polluters in the world today, especially single-use plastics. This means that even if you buy eco-friendly products, if they come in plastic, you are increasing the waste. So, go for refillable glass bottles for all your liquid bathroom products like shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc. Then, buy refillable pouches for your products and refill the bottles. This way, you will cut down on plastic bottles and elevate the look of your bathroom, as these glass bottles can come in unique shapes and colours for all kinds of budgets.


Bamboo toothbrush


Another plastic item in your bathroom that you can replace is your toothbrush. Instead of plastic ones that increase your landfill, go for a bamboo toothbrush. These are biodegradable and very good to use. You can substitute other bathroom items with plastic handles, like your toilet cleaner brush or your loofah, with wooden handles.


Low-flow showerheads


To lower your water consumption, go for low-flow showerheads instead of regular ones. In fact, by changing just your showerhead, you can significantly change your goal to live a sustainable life. Low-flow showerheads limit the flow of water per minute, which means you end up using less water for your regular shower. However, the pressure of the water remains the same, which means the quality of your battery doesn’t change, and you can take those long relaxing showers without feeling guilty! Plus, you save on your water bill, which is always great.


Recycled bathwater


When shopping in your favourite bathware items store in Melbourne, look for things made from recycled materials. You can find quite a good choice of items in this category, especially wood-made ones. By buying such items, you reduce your landfill and save energy and resources that could have been used to make a new item of the same type.

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