Small Kitchen Space? Here Are 4 Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

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Small Kitchen Space? Here Are 4 Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

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Not everyone is blessed with a big kitchen. Sometimes, we have to work around a small kitchen. But with clever design and little help from your nearest home improvement products store in Narre Warren, you can turn even a small space fit many things. And here are 4 ways to do so.


Use self-adhesive hooks. They are easy to find, and you don’t need to drill any holes to place them on your kitchen or cabinet walls. The self-adhesive ones are quite sturdy and can hold many items. The best part is that they are very affordable. So, don’t clutter your kitchen cabinets or workstation with ladles, mugs, washcloths, or anything that can be hung. Just stick one of these hooks in an appropriate place and hang the things that clutter your kitchen.


Use dividers in bigger cabinets, especially in pull-out drawers. By using dividers, you can find items easily if you organize them based on frequency or type of use. For example, you can divide a bigger drawer into two sections to keep your baking items on one side and cooking items on the other. For the drawer where you generally keep your spoons, forks and other cutleries, use small trays to separate them. This way, you don’t have to look for hours to find a spoon from a lot of cutleries. 


Invest in smaller sustainable containers to store your pantry staple. By keeping them in their packages, you often lose space and can’t see how much you have. If you keep them in glass or see-through containers, you can easily see what item is where and how much you have. This is also great for those items which you can bulk buy. You can pour your purchase into these containers and keep the rest away for later. When you can see how much you have, you can better meal prep for a week or think of recipes to make.


Use the space above your kitchen sink to store dishes just washed. Use storage racks made especially for everyday utensils to store and dry the utensils naturally. Since they are above the sink, the water can drip down on the sink and not wet other areas of your kitchen. You also declutter your kitchen countertop this way. You can easily find such storage units in your local best building supplies company in Narre Warren.


So, follow these simple ways to store items in your kitchen and see how much better it looks.

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